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Police and crime commissioners

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

James Sandbach

James has spent 20 years working in justice charities, and is a Town Councillor in Saxmundham. He believes that the policing strategy for Suffolk should be based on community policing, focussing resources to ensure that the police are engaged and visible in all of Suffolk’s communities. If elected he intends to:-
• ensure more open points of contact at local police stations or other community venues, and work to improve the responsiveness of the 101 call system
• build new PCSO posts into the Constabulary’s police officer recruitment drive, and increase the number of officers deployed on the beat
• fight for fairer funding from the Home Office for Suffolk Constabulary
• encourage local restorative justice schemes to deal with low level offending, putting victims’ rights at the heart of the system
• develop systems for referral and diversion of people with mental health and addiction issues for other agencies to support them, and away from the criminal justice system
• support youth services focussed on preventing youth offending and avoid criminalising young people through early intervention and use of police cautions
• prioritise women’s safety, domestic violence response and safeguarding – guided by an expert advisory panel; encourage reporting with a public information campaign, establish a dedicated unit and helpline staffed by specialist officers and improve support for victims.
• deliver an integrated plan with Suffolk Highways to improve road safety and tackle speeding
• establish a Community Justice Partnership with the Magistrates courts, Citizens Advice, voluntary organisations and victims groups
The PCC role should be all about building partnerships, partnerships between the police, county and local councils and communities, voluntary organisations and victims’ groups. James pledges to listen to all of our community voices urban to rural and coastal communities.

[ Promoted by J Shreeve on behalf of J Sandbach both at 9 Marsh Lane, Somerleyton, NR32 5QX ]

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