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Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

Clive Grunshaw

I’d be honoured to be re-elected as our Police and Crime Commissioner.

We want our bobbies back!

Lancashire has been hit hard by Conservative cuts to policing, whilst some forces in the South have more bobbies on their streets now than ever before.

Lancashire is not a second-class county. We want our fair share of bobbies back on our streets, making Lancashire safer, not down in places like leafy Surrey!

We won’t accept the crumbs off the table. We need all 750 of the officers lost through cuts back, to rebuild neighbourhood policing and reconnect with all the communities of our great county. If you’re with me, please sign my petition:

Rebuilding neighbourhood policing

By utilising efficiencies within our budget, I have introduced new task force officers across Lancashire. These officers have disrupted drug dealers, gang crime and anti-social behaviour. They listen to the public’s concerns and act on them.

Now, building on their success, I am introducing more task force teams that will embed themselves within our communities and ensure that we get the support we need.

Lancashire is ‘outstanding’ – it’s official!

Despite ten years of Conservative cuts, inspectors have rated Lancashire Police one of the best and most efficient police forces in the country.

I’m proud of Lancashire Police and what they deliver. We just need more resources and I’m committed to fighting this government to ensure we get our fair share – and opposing their forced increases in council tax.

Re-elect me on 6th May and together we can rebuild neighbourhood policing, rebuild our famous community spirit and ensure Lancashire remains a safe and wonderful place to live.


Contact details:

Facebook: CliveGrunshaw1

Twitter: @CliveGrunshaw1


This statement has been prepared by my election agent, James Groves, of 1 Cobble Court Yard, Carr House Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1SW.

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