Comisiynwyr Heddlu a Throseddu;

Caiff comisiynwyr heddlu a throseddu eu hethol gan yr heddlu i sicrhau bod anghenion plismona cymunedau yn cael eu bodloni mor effeithiol â phosibl ac i oruchwylio sut y delir â throseddu yn ardal eich heddlu chi.

Paul Harley

People have lost faith in politicians. Police work must be about keeping the community safe, not pursuing political agendas.

The Police & Crime Commissioner should be non-political.

As an Independent, I will keep party politics out of policing and encourage the Chief Constable to deliver a strong, inclusive and accountable Police service.

Everyone who comes into contact with the police should be listened to. The police are accountable to the community – not the other way around.

Some issues I will address are:

  • Reducing the cost of the Police & Crime Commissioner
    The current PCC has a deputy (paid £55,692) and 17 staff (highest paid £96,657). If elected, I will NOT appoint a deputy and will employ the minimum staff to provide an effective service.
    The money saved will be re-directed to the Police budget, to support the service it gives to the public.
  • Review the charge on council taxpayers
    The police precept has increased 2017-2021 by 3.99% + 3.99% + 6.99% + 6.99% + 5.49%.
    I recognise these above inflation increases cause hardship, so I will hold the precept at its current level next year to carry out a full review of income and expenditure.
  • Tackling domestic violence
    Some women are afraid to report violence from a partner. I will help them to come forward, so that support and protection can be given.
  • Better support for victims
    Burglaries, thefts etc. should be attended by a Police Officer, plus a Forensics Officer if there is a likelihood of fingerprints or DNA.
  • Addressing Anti-Social Behaviour
    Those who persist in making other people’s lives a misery by anti-social acts should be put through the criminal justice system.

Vote for a Person, not a Politician

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This has been prepared by Paul Harley, 19 Clipper Close, Newport, NP19 7LL.

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