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Police and crime commissioners

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

Mark Andrew Robson

Cutting crime by tackling the base.
I will focus on reducing crime from the base of the pyramid.  Restorative justice, which forces offenders to confront the impact of their crimes, can turn many more people away from crime for good. I will therefore put more resources into:

  • reducing the first-time offender rate by dealing with root causes
  • helping recently released prisoners stay out of trouble
  • focusing attention on offenders who don’t give up their life of crime.

Your police force – your PCC.
As your Police & Crime Commissioner, I will:

  • ensure Dorset Police continues to be a leader in best practice and effective management
  • strengthen trust with more openness and transparency
  • make sure our police move towards greener, more sustainable working methods whilst embracing new technologies.

Neighbourhood policing
Protect the principles of neighbourhood and community policing by:

  • setting policing priorities which reflect our coastal, urban and rural areas by consulting with communities and their leaders
  • increasing the numbers involved in Neighbourhood Policing Teams to bring confidence back to communities
  • using the experience of local organisations and local knowledge to aid neighbourhood policing.

I spent 26 years in the Royal Marines and Special Forces, mainly specialising in counter-terrorism response, often working with the police. This has given me valuable insight into how the police work and the pressures they face, but from an external and independent perspective. Whilst serving I obtained a law degree and since then have been elected as a local councillor.

Working for the nation is an honour, I’ve done it.
Budgeting public money is difficult, I’ve done it.
Dealing with terror is tough, I’ve done it.
Strategic planning is key, I’ve done it.

If elected I’ll work hard to ensure a secure, safe and progressive Dorset.


Prepared by A Sadeh, 14 York Road, Broadstone.


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